“Järvi represents the role of a sovereign trustee for the art of Carl Nielsen in this symphonic cosmos” writes Der Opernfreund’s in its review of Paavo Järvi’s new Nielsen cycle with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra . Four years in the making and released at the close of the 150th anniversary of Nielsen’s birth, further reviews from Germany follow suit in their praise:

“Paavo Järvi has just released a new recording with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra and it has almost become an “historical” high point. With his Estonian musical family roots he has sucked the sound and thought world of the Baltic Seas as if, so to speak, it is his mother’s milk. What especially distinguishes the recording: A quasi natural empathy with the erratic, sometimes almost childish naitivty, but always built on a masterful craft and understanding of Nielsen … Paavo Järvi and the Frankfurt Symphony Orchestra engage so enthusiastically and selectively in this universe, that you can sit back and trust their leadership.

Udo Badelt, Kulturradio RBB, (Germany)

“The merit with Paavo Järvi is to be able to sit back as a listener and appreciate the natural spectacle of instrumental sounds, going between restful and contrapuntal rigour … Järvi’s approach and understanding of these works, written between 1891 to 1916, clearly allows the linear structures to emerge, nothing must remain on the surface … We experience a culinary luxurious sound …”

Dr. Ingobert Wahba, Der Neue Merkur (Germany)