HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 93 and 104

“Haydn’s Symphony No. 93 opened the evening, the 104th closed it: complete perfection of form, but with nothing hollow about it … Järvi and the orchestra approached the music in such a subtle way that the sharply defined form was not forced, but merely precisely drawn.”
Frankfurter Rundschau, Judith von Sternburg, 10 May 2023

“The orchestra and Paavo Järvi masterfully understood how to work out the many contrasts in the music and build up a captivating tension. The slow passages were performed with sensitivity and intensity, while the fast and virtuosic passages were executed with playful ease and the greatest precision.”
Online merker, Dirk Schauss, 9 May 2023

“Detailed work but an atmosphere of easy, fluid communication, in a relationship that more than one orchestra and conductor would envy … it is difficult not to feel enveloped in the tide of vitality, of joy of the spirit that these musicians of the DKAM transmit … Järvi’s interpretation did not iron out any edges, in fact he emphasized the search for surprise, the contrast, the richness of accents, making the most of the silences, the vivacity of impulse in the rhythmic drawing and, finally, that general atmosphere of contagious vitality that derives from it all.”
Scherzo, Rafael Ortega Basagoiti, 9 May 2023

“ … these were exultant, richly grained readings, throatily and reedy voiced. Tight articulation, precision dots and slurs, buoyant rhythms, grandly rooted tuttis, breathed solos, civilised conversazione, making the most of accents and hairpin dynamics, alert to the smallest detail and agogic. Järvi’s manner and gallantry lit the music at multiple levels … coaxing every shade and innuendo from his players … “
classicalsource.com, Ateş Orga, 7 May 2023

“A joyful energy governs the musically well-crafted performance … this mischievous interpretation captivates us from beginning to end.”
crescendo.be, Thimothée Grandjean, 6 May 2023