Join Paavo Järvi for a Facebook Live Q&A on Saturday 25 April at 3pm EDT (9pm CET). Hosted by virtual arts education platform, Culturenet, this is the third in the start of a new series of Q&As with Paavo Järvi which will also feature on his YouTube channel.

Since his professional debut in 1985 when he conducted Sibelius’ First Symphony, Paavo Järvi has continuously performed and promoted the Finnish composer’s works throughout the world. In 2003 he won a Grammy Award for his recording of Sibelius Cantatas and in 2019 Sony Classical released the complete symphony cycle which Järvi recorded with the Orchestre de Paris during his tenure as Music Director. For his role in promoting Sibelius’ music to a wider public, the Sibelius Academy awarded Paavo Järvi the prestigious Sibelius Medal in 2015.

“For an Estonian conductor, performing and recording the Sibelius symphony cycle is a very important project for many reasons” commented Paavo Järvi. “ Firstly because we “Northerners” still have a mission of making Sibelius more familiar to music lovers and orchestras around the world; secondly, as an Estonian there is a certain sense of “ownership” and “belonging” to this music. Finland and Estonia have always been very close to one another – not just geographically but also culturally – Sibelius means just as much to Estonians as he means to Finns; and most importantly, because I absolutely love these symphonies.“

Watch Paavo Järvi’s performances of Sibelius symphonies with the Orchestre de Paris (Nos. 1 & 2), Estonian Festival Orchestra (No. 2) and Berlin Philharmonic (No. 5) on YouTube and join him for the live Q&A this Saturday.