November 2022

Bruckner. Symphonies No. 3, 6 & 8

”Järvi’s Bruckner performances have their very own character. Nothing escapes him in breadth, the long increases are prepared consistently and stringently, he avoids any excessive exaggeration in dynamics and sound balance. There is an organic flow of structure, a subtle gradation of the layers of sound and a sure feeling for this unique magic that only Bruckner is able to create … When listening, you breathe with the musicians and the conductor, who doesn’t need that much gesture and movement to achieve the desired results.”
Hamburger Abendblatt, Helmut Peters, 12 November 2022

”As the first movement (Bruckner Symphony No.6) builds to a climax, Paavo Järvi spreads his arms as if to embrace his entire orchestra. Horns, trumpets, trombones and tuba ignite a majestic and at the same time always warm and round sound …”

”… With his top orchestra, he exploits a wide range, from radiant fortissimo to very quiet and intimate moments. Especially in the wonderful Adagio (Symphony no. 8), in which Bruckner indulges himself in unusually voluptuous tones.”
NDR radio, Marcus Stäbler, 12 November 2022

”With any Bruckner symphony the key watchword is never to hurry. Järvi understands this so well. He controlled the ebb and flow of the melodic lines, whilst making full use of the many Luftpausen, allowing his musicians to do all the talking as he guided and shaped the musical argument without any need for fussy micro-management … Sometimes at the end of a performance you are left thinking, “Yes, this is exactly the way the music should go.”, Alexander Hall, 11 November 2022